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This website is to promote the authentic Feng Shui practice, the correct ways to apply it.  More importantly, to educate the public the knowledge of Feng Shui and eliminate the superstitions associated with Feng Shui.   Plain and Simple!


Feng Shui is the Chinese term for geomancy; a system of aesthetics with well-developed theories, using geographic features, figures, directions, and the laws of nature to help one to improve his/her life by balancing the five elements - Earth, Metal, Water, Wood and Fire.  Its theories rely on both Heaven (astronomy) and Earth (geography) which cover everything that human beings have to deal with, both tangible and intangible things.


Feng Shui means Wind and Water in Chinese.  Both of them are important to the flow of QiWind can mean wind, rain, snow, sunlight, sound, magnetic field, electromagnetic waves, infrared, radon gas, etc and Water can mean river, creek, road, flow of traffic, electromagnetic field and etc; they can also mean other tangible and intangible things that may not be known by us.  For example, people did not know anything about radioactive substances, invisible lights and ultra-high frequency sound waves one thousand years ago; but these substances did exist at that time. 


Feng Shui has been supported by billions of cases since the Chinese developed and used it over four thousand years ago. This is like actuarial science, backed up by statistical data and theories. Practitioners should not alter its basic principles or add another type of principle to it (such as interior design). Although there are many ‘schools’ in the field, all of them have their own theories to support and have been, again, supported by numerous cases.  Most importantly, their basic principles are all the same.


There were two main streams in the development of Feng Shui, one relied mainly on geography without using a compass (the Form stream) and the other one relied on compass and figures (the Compass stream).  Form stream came from the natural instincts of the Chinese ancestors who looked for the best place to reside by studying the geography of the area, such as topography and climate.  It has to consider a wide range of area, normally within what our bare eyes can see.  Compass stream used a compass to determine the direction was good or not, with the addition of other methods and theory, such as Bagua and Flying Stars.  It has to consider the time factor, which year when Feng Shui is applied.


These two streams are interwoven and so often modern Feng Shui consultants will use the methods from both streams to achieve the best results.  As our societies are better developed and regulated than the ancient time, it is impossible to build a home or a graveyard anywhere in our choice.  We have to build houses on residentially zoned lands or bury the deceased only in a licensed graveyard.  Since our societies are more micro-managing the use of land, it makes the land use more inflexible and Feng Shui consulting is frequently limited to the micro level. 


As Feng Shui was originally developed for choosing the places for burial sites, its theories changed accordingly when it was applied to homes.  However, many people overlook this point and apply the techniques in finding good graveyards directly to homes, which is very dangerous.


Normally it will take a longer time for Feng Shui to be effected; therefore some people may not feel the good effects until a few months or even a few years later.  Contrary, people may not feel the bad effect if their Feng Shui is wrongful set.  Unfortunately, it may be too late when they find out their Feng Shui is not good for them.  This is why this website is created - to eliminate the practice of incorrect Feng Shui concepts.


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