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Feng Shui in Southern Hemisphere - Does Feng Shui Work in Southern Hemisphere?

China is in the northern hemisphere of the earth.  When the framework of Feng Shui was developed, it was based on the characteristics of the northern hemisphere.  The question we naturally have is: Does Feng Shui Work in Southern Hemisphere?


Both northern and southern hemispheres are on earth, their natures are the same:

Water runs from the top of the hill to the bottom; rivers run from high land to the sea or lake; trees grow from the soil to the air & etc.  The sun, brightness, hotness, male, dryness are Yang; the moon, darkness, coldness, female and wetness are Yin.  They are the same in the southern hemisphere, so Qi and Ying Yang theories are the same in both hemispheres.


The 5 elements have the same natures in the southern hemisphere too.  That is, Water controls Fire, Fire controls Metal, Metal controls Wood, Wood controls Earth, Earth controls Water; Water nurtures Wood, Wood nurtures Fire, Fire nurtures Earth, Earth nurtures Metal, Metal nurtures Water.  Therefore, the Five Element Theory should apply to southern hemisphere too.


However, part of the 5 Elements Theory is based on the 5 planets in the solar system: Mercury (Water), Venus (Metal), Mars (Fire), Jupiter (Wood) and Saturn (Earth).  These planets may have different magnitudes of the effects on the southern hemisphere than the northern hemisphere.


The Bagua diagram has the southern part as Yang (hot) and the northern part as Yin (cold).  In the southern hemisphere, we have the cold southern part and a hot northern part, which is the opposite of the Bagua diagram.


The Flying Stars Theory is based on the 9 stars of the constellation Ursa Major (the Big Dipper).  It is a constellation that only people in the northern hemisphere can see.  As a result, its effects on southern hemisphere are in doubt.  In other words, the Flying Stars Theory in Feng Shui may not be applicable to the southern hemisphere.


The 'only' constellation that southern hemisphere can see is the Crux (commonly known as the Southern Cross).  Maybe we have to spend another thousand of years to study the effect of Crux on the southern hemisphere and establish another Flyer Stars Theory for the southern hemisphere.


It is fair to say that the Form Stream Feng Shui should work the same way in the southern hemisphere as it does in the northern hemisphere.  For the Compass Stream, which is mainly based on Bagua and Flying Stars, the effect is uncertain and we may have to rely on other constellations and planets to study the Feng Shui there.


If interested, you can have a detailed explanation by consulting an authenticated Feng Shui practitioner.  Good Luck!



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