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You don't have to learn the theories, but you must get the solutions!

Feng Shui 123 - A Concise Solution Guide

easy to understand, effective, interesting, practical and scholastic



All the books that gave Feng Shui the foundation are ancient books written in Literary Chinese (an ancient written Chinese in a very short form), even many Chinese would have difficulties in understanding them.  Now many of these books have been translated into modern Chinese and even English (such as Yi Jing), but still, they are too difficult and abstract for beginners.


Most of the modern Feng Shui books are written in Chinese only.  The majority of them were written by the masters from different streams, the authors used only the theories that they believed; other books were published by editors, most of them consolidated different theories into the books with contradictions - a result of poor editing.  All the above makes self-studying Feng Shui very difficult. 


To follow a Feng Shui master may be a good way to learn Feng Shui.  Unfortunately, the master-apprentice system has been destroyed by our fast moving industrial society.  People do not have the patience to learn for more than a decade full time before practice.  Moreover, many masters would not teach their students all they knew, except to their own children.  This further damaged the master-apprentice system.


Moreover, learning from a master would limit the knowledge to that particular stream.  Unlike other academic subjects, Feng Shui masters would not teach or advocate theories that did not belong to their school.  This further limits the flow of Feng Shui knowledge.


In light of these, Bryan wrote this practical guide to teach the public what Feng Shui is, understand the meanings and how to practice it in a basic and generic manner.  It is a concise solution guide to common Feng Shui challenges and it is easy to understand, effective, interesting, practical and scholastic.  Now for only $9.95 (ebook, original price $19.95) and $39.95 (paperback, Free Shipping Worldwide), you will be able to set a better Feng Shui for your home and start improving your luck.  Published by Fox College of Business, this scholastic approached Feng Shui guide will be your best investment.


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