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Home is the place we find peace and rest.  After a long day of work, all of us need a good rest at night.  This is why Feng Shui for homes is the most important factor in one's life.  Since we must enter our homes through the main door and foyer, spend most of our time in bed to have our rest and to cook in the kitchen, therefore main entrance area, bedroom and kitchen are the most important parts in the Feng Shui for homes.

The basic requirements for a nice home are simply clean, neat and comfortable.  However, these criteria have to be objective but not subjective.  Feng Shui consultants can assist people ensuring their home settings are best balanced.  There are common disadvantages that bring harmful effects to homes that Feng Shui consultants can point them out and change them.

Moreover, the Feng Shui of a home varies with one's trigram.  Feng Shui consultants can calculate one's trigram and apply Feng Shui theories on the home accordingly.

For the basic Feng Shui tips, please read the below article:

Basic Feng Shui Tips For Home

Things to Avoid

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