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About Master Bryan Law LL.D.


Raised in a traditional Chinese family in Hong Kong, Bryan has been interested in Feng Shui since he was a boy.  Bryan started his amateur Feng Shui study and practice when he was a young adult.  He read ancient Feng Shui books, modern Feng Shui theories, talked to the masters, took some lessons and even hired consultants to do the assessments for him in order to prove the different effects among various theories.


Bryan holds a Bachelor of Science degree in pure mathematics with minor in statistics, and Master of Laws and Doctor of Laws degrees. He received extensive legal and business training in Canada, Hong Kong, South Africa, Cambodia, the USA and the UK from different universities and professional bodies, including Harvard University. All these academic training make Bryan a detailed-oriented, logical and critical thinking person.


As Bryan's background was deeply real estate related; his interest in Feng Shui grew day after day.  After 20 years of study, Bryan started giving Feng Shui advice to his real estate clients.  After a few years as an amateur Feng Shui consultant, Bryan found that many people still had many wrong interpretations and misunderstandings in Feng Shui.  As a result, he decided to educate the public what Feng Shui is on this website as well as to teach people the basic knowledge in Feng Shui by delivering some Feng Shui courses.


Bryan is a management consultant, an author and an educator.  He is the president of Prodigy Consulting and has published more than ten books in different fields.  He is a certified instructor for the OREA Real Estate College, a program creator and professor of Fox College of Business, responsible for several programs including the Higher Diploma in Feng Shui – a two-year full-time program that trains students to become professional Feng Shui consultants. 



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