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Feng Shui for office is important not only for the growth of the business, it also affects the health of the people inside.


Similar to Feng Shui for homes, Feng Shui for office emphasizes mainly on the balance of Yin-Yang and the Five Elements.  However, sometimes there are different approaches to business environments.  For example, we want a high volume of calls in an office, but we may not want our home to have too many calls.  Sharp or fierce objects, such as knife and firearms (or their replicas) are not good for homes.  For some professions, such as police and army, those may be good decorative items in their offices.


The most important parts of an office are its entrance, the boss's office (CEO's office) and the finance department (CFO's office).  The location and facing of the office will have the biggest weight in its Feng Shui, followed by the compatibility with the trigram of the boss.


For the basic Feng Shui tips, please read the article below:


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