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Office Feng Shui - The Basic Setup

The main goal of a business is to make a profit (except non-profit-making organizations), thus it is important to set the office Feng Shui to maximize its profitability and minimize the risk.


The best Feng Shui setting should be matched with the bosses' trigrams – CEO’s, CFO’s, etc.  To name a few, the location, the facing, the door orientation, the arrangement of rooms will all affect the Feng Shui of an office.  There are, however, some basic principles to follow:


1. The main entrance should not be blocked, nor the visitors can see all the interior parts of the office.


The main entrance is the flow of Qi, the ‘source of income', so it should not be blocked in any way.  Some offices, especially small ones, have their main door blocked in the way that the door cannot be fully opened.  This will prevent the income from coming in.


If the main entrance can see the entire interior, the office cannot hold its Qi and money cannot stay long.  In fact, it is not 'safe' for people visiting the office being able to the whole interior as there are some secrets in the office that should be kept from outsiders.


2. The rooms of CEO and CFO should not be in the front portion of the office.


3. The doors of the rooms of CEO and CFO should not be opposite to each other.


4. All the desks should not be facing the wall.  If it is necessary to sit facing a wall (instead of backing onto a wall), the chair should have a high back and a dark yellow jacket should be put on the back of the chair to act as a support.


5. Never put your tables and seats under beams.  Move them to a position that is not directly under any type of beam, including air duct.


6. If your window is facing to two high-rise buildings close to each other; or to two buildings with a narrow corridor between them.  You should install a blind on that window and keep it closed all the time.


A detailed planned can be set up by consulting an authenticated Feng Shui practitioner.  Good Luck!



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