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Note: Feng Shui is a kind of science, not a superstition.  Authentic Feng Shui has nothing to do with religion.


Qi is frequently translated as "energy flow". It is a concept of circulation or movement of tangible or intangible materials. There is Qi in the universe, in the sky, on the earth, inside our homes and even inside our bodies.

In Feng Shui ... read more.

Taiji (or Tai Chi) is a Chinese philosophy that talks about Yin and Yang - the contrary forces (or fields) of everything in the natural world are interconnected and interdependent; the Yin and Yang complement and control each other.

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Other than being Yin or Yang, everything in the world can be further classified into 5 different substances (Earth, Metal, Water, Wood and Fire) and have their corresponding characteristics. This is where the theory of five elements comes into play ... read more.  

Developed from Yijing (Book of Changes), Bagua is one of the foundations in Feng Shui. 

It is believed that every direction represents a trait, which may or may not match with the characteristics of the person that resides there ... read more.


To the best of our knowledge, we guarantee that all information on this site are sincere representations of Feng Shui. However, we make no claim for absolute effectiveness and are not responsible or liable in any manner in respect of the results of any action taken or not taken in reliance upon the information in this website.

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