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Bagua and Feng Shui - How to use Bagua in Feng Shui

Bagua is eight diagrams used in by Chinese to represent the fundamental principles of reality, seen as a range of eight interrelated concepts.  Ba means eight, Gua is the trigram used in the diagram.  Bagua also represents the directions in Feng Shui study together with its philosophical concepts.


There are two kinds of Bagua, one is Earlier Heaven Bagua and the other one is Later Heaven Bagua.  The followings are images of them:



Earlier Heaven Bagua



Later Heaven Bagua


The directions of Bagua are the opposites of a compass.  That is, the upper side is South, right side is West, lower side is North and left side is East.  The names and trigrams of the two versions of Bagua are the same, just the order is different.  Most principles in Feng Shui and other Chinese philosophies are based on the concept of Earlier Heaven Bagua.   While Earlier Heaven Bagua is used for graveyards (Yin Feng Shui), Later Heaven Bagua is used for applications for homes (Yang Feng Shui).


Feng Shui consultants will divide a property into 9 parts (3 x 3), then put the flying stars or corresponding meanings of the trigrams into the eight parts (by leaving the centre empty) according to the Bagua directions.


If interested, you can have a detailed explanation by consulting an authenticated Feng Shui practitioner.  Good Luck!



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