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Does Feng Shui Work? - Does Feng Shui Work for Everyone?


First of all, let us draw an analogy.  Feng Shui to a property is like a garment to a person.  You have to choose suitable clothes according to your profession and the occasion.  If you are a businessman, you will need a suit; if you are an athlete, you will need a sports suit; if you are a diver, you will need a diving suit; etc and etc.  Wearing inappropriate garment may hinder your performance, risk your career and even risk your life.


On the other hand, wearing appropriate garment does not guarantee your success.  If you are not a top athlete, wearing sports suit will not make you a champion.  However, it will not hinder your performance and lower down your risk of injury.  In other words, wearing appropriate garment can maximize your performance and give you the biggest protection.


Feng Shui has the same functions as to real properties.  Having a good Feng Shui can boost your luck; you will be able to maximize your return.  However, it is not a guarantee of success; especially, you cannot just sit and wait for your luck to come without doing anything.  For example, there are some Feng Shui masters who did not succeed in their own business, including their geomancy businesses.  These are the best proofs that Feng Shui is not a magic cure for everything.


Moreover, Feng Shui relies on the universe, and righteousness is a foundation of it.  One cannot use Feng Shui to assist illegal activities or to cover them.  A famous Feng Shui master was hired by an accused to assist him in defending the prosecution by putting up a special Feng Shui setting; however, the accused was eventually convicted as there were tons of evidence to prove his participation in that illegal activity.  This is an example to show Feng Shui does not help people in that way.



If interested, you can have a detailed explanation by consulting an authenticated Feng Shui practitioner.  Good Luck!





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