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Contemporary Feng Shui - Feng Shui is not a Fine Art

It is undeniable that Feng Shui is an ancient subject.  As the society has developed and people have evolved, it is necessary to make Feng Shui practice adapts to our new society.  For example, there was no electric tower, no flyover and no subway one hundred years ago; but we have to deal with these Feng Shui problems now.  This is how the term Contemporary Feng Shui comes. 


The fact is: our society did not change overnight. Feng Shui has been developed, expanded, modified and improved to fit the changes of society in the past four thousand years.  It keeps on changing every day and it is contemporary already.  If you study the Feng Shui nowadays and compare with those in the ancient books, you will find that many theories have already been added to it. The principles, however, are still the same.


Some geomancers copied some theories from Feng Shui without knowing its principles, added their own stuff to it and called it contemporary Feng Shui. That is unacceptable.  I came across some geomancers who said it was not good to place a single lamp post in front of a bed because it meant ‘One Night Stand’; which was not good for getting or maintaining a stable relationship.

They simply used the 'homophonic' words – ‘One Light Stand’ to ‘One Night Stand’. Many people would find this funny and accept the interpretation of it. I am not sure if such kind of geomancy works or not, but definitely, it is not Feng Shui.  Did the Chinese speak English four thousand years ago as their mother tongue? Did the term ‘One Night Stand’ appear four thousand years ago?  Definitely not!  There is no way such kind of geomancy to be part of Feng Shui.

You may copy a Chinese character, use it as a pattern, and write it in different fonts.  You can even change the character into a diagram in a way that the diagram is no longer a Chinese character.  People may admire this as a fine art.  However, you cannot use such diagrams to write a Chinese essay.  No one in the world will be able to understand such essay except you.  It is because the 'characters' you used are no longer Chinese characters; they are the diagram invented by you.


The same logic applies to some of the so-called contemporary Feng Shui promoters.  Feng Shui is not a fine art and cannot be changed that way.  Those promoters just used a small portion of Feng Shui concepts and called their 'new inventions' contemporary Feng Shui. 


For example, a Feng Shui consultant uses Bagua to tell Feng Shui must also use Loupan to tell the directions. Otherwise, it is like using a map to find roads in the wild without using a compass. Unfortunately, there are many ‘contemporary Feng Shui’ practitioners using Bagua to tell Feng Shui without using Loupan, saying that those are contemporary Feng Shui.  This kind of ‘Feng Shui’ will not be accurate and, even worse; it may bring opposite or harmful effects to the people who use the property.

To be fair to everyone - the genuine Feng Shui practitioners, believers and the general public, that kind of contemporary Feng Shui without the support of full Feng Shui principles should not be called Feng Shui.  They should be called Geomancy Design, or Contemporary Geomancy, or any other name they want but NOT Feng Shui.



If interested, you can have a detailed explanation by consulting an authenticated Feng Shui practitioner.  Good Luck!




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