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Fake Feng Shui Methods - Wrong Feng Shui Concepts

There are many 'schools' in Feng Shui and many theories of their own.  Although all the theories were developed in China; some of them (mainly those were developed in the last two hundred years) were criticized as fake Feng Shui methods.


It is a controversial topic to say which method is a fake one, as it is very difficult to prove.  However, some Feng Shui methods are very easy to tell that they are simply wrong.


Using Fake Plant is a Wrong Fake Method


When a room needs Wood, some people will put fake plants such as plastic ones too boost the Wood.  They say a fake plant still has the shape of a real one.  This is the Form Stream.  This is not real.


First of all, we have to know that in order to decide an item belongs to which one of the 5 Elements; the shape is not the primary consideration.  The nature of the item is the most important one.  A metal statute is Metal, a plant is Wood, a fireplace is Fire, an aquarium is Water and a stone statue is Earth; all regardless their shapes. 


You can easily find a pen, a rod or a pin at home.  Can we say they are Wood?  Although a long rectangular shape represents Wood, these items are too small to be effective as Wood.  How about a plant shape that is made of steel, is that Metal or Wood?  Everyone would agree that it is Metal.  In other words, a fake plant is not a plant and not a Wood.


Artificial Crystal is Not Earth


Natural crystals and gems, such as agate, jade, emerald & etc, belong to Earth, as they naturally exist and are part of the earth underground.  However, artificial crystals are not Earth in nature; they are simply glass added with a high content of lead.


Using artificial crystals as Earth is a wrong Feng Shui method.  It is even worse if you use them to refract or reflect light, believing that would bring you good luck.  Such kind of refracted or reflected light is actually a Sha and should be avoided.


If interested, you can have a detailed explanation by consulting an authenticated Feng Shui practitioner.  Good Luck!




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