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What You See is What You Get in Feng Shui - The Form Stream

Form stream is a method to assess the Feng Shui by studying the geographic conditions of the neighbourhood (exterior) and the interior of the property.  As the study of Feng Shui developed, the Compass stream relied more on using Loupan (compass) and Bagua for the assessment.  Both streams have their foundation and statistics to back up their theories.  However, the Form stream talks about tangible objects and is easier to understand.

In fact, both streams are the complement of each other.  Having a good form (good location and good floor layout of the building) will need a good time (the Flying Stars) to come.  On the other hand, having a bad time (bad Flying Stars come to you) may not have a bad effect on you without a catalyst – a bad form.

It is, therefore, crucial to keeping bad objects away from you – as what you see is what you get in Feng Shui.  If you have a devil statue at home, it will attractive devil to you.  If the bad flying star #5 comes, it may not have a significant effect on you without the catalyst – anything with the nature of Fire or 5.  For example, if you have a light fixture that consists of 5 light bulbs.  Since light fixture is Fire in nature and with 5 light bulbs, it will attract the #5 star to you.

On the other hand, you may use suitable objects to attract good stars to you or to enhance their power.  This is why having a good location, good floor plan and good decoration is very important in Feng Shui as these things can be kept and maintained almost forever, while the Flying Stars change every Period (20 years) and every year (with less effect).

If interested, you can have a detailed explanation by consulting an authenticated Feng Shui practitioner.  Good Luck!


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