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Avoid Aggressive Feng Shui Settings – Double Negative Approaches 

When we buy a new home, we want it to be safe and comfortable.  They are the basic but also the most important requirements.  You do not want to live in a house like sitting on a roller coaster, going up and down without your own control. 

Some Feng Shui masters like to use aggressive settings to obtain fast and abundant results.  Such settings often involve special tools that especially match with the owners' trigrams and the time period (like now we are in Period 8, 2004 - 2023).  When the time changes, such setting will lose its effect, or even worse, will bring harmful effects to the owners.  For example, one Feng Shui consultant did a special setting for an owner of a restaurant in 2001, without telling him that the Period was going to change in 2004.  That was a huge mistake.


Some Feng Shui masters like to use double negative settings, to show that they are capable to twist any property with negative Feng Shui into a positive Feng Shui one.  Such settings are quite risky as normally the settings will not be a simple one.  When we change one part of the property to a double negative, we have to make sure that every part of it will also be changed.  If there is one part missed, the whole setting will still be negative.  The worst thing is – the setting was to maximize the effect of Feng Shui and originally, the master wanted to get a positive maximum for it; now it is a negative minimum.

It is better to use a conservative approach to achieve a good result instead of using an aggressive approach to try to obtain the best possible result.   Using a conservative approach is like eating natural foods and doing exercise to strengthen your body.  An aggressive approach is like taking medicine or doing surgery to obtain a faster result. 

We have many medical misdiagnoses in the world every day, it happens in Feng Shui field too.  Therefore, hiring a competent Feng Shui consultant is important, using a conservative approach is more important.

A detailed planned can be set up by consulting an authenticated Feng Shui practitioner.  Good Luck!


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