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Creativity, Knowledge and Wisdom - How Feng Shui Can Help (Law Firms and etc)

In Feng Shui, a property is divided into 9 equal rectangular portions with the centre unused.  The remaining 8 portions represent different kinds of luck that will affect the owner (user) of the property as shown in the diagram below.



When it is an office for a professional who needs creativity (such as a writer or an artist), or a room for a student who needs to get knowledge (through study), or a place for a decision maker who needs wisdom (such as a politician); it is important to fix the Feng Shui setting of the property so that the person can maximize the great effects.  This is particularly true for lawyers who specialized in litigations.


In order to win a case, it is important to study all the cases that are relevant to it (knowledge), to think about how to apply the doctrines and theories (wisdom), and to argue the case in different ways (creativity).  Moreover, luck is also a factor when the case is a hard one.


If the Feng Shui settings of a law firm are good, the chance of winning is boosted, the reputation will be better, and there will be more big clients to retain them as legal counsels, ultimately their wealth will be increased.  From the above diagram, you can tell that the chance of winning is affected by the areas Children & Creativity and Knowledge & Wisdom; the reputation can be affected by the area Fame & Reputation; the chance of having more big clients is affected by the area Helps & Friends; and the wealth is of course affected by the area Wealth.


If you want to have a good Feng Shui setting for your office, please contact Bryan at blaw@foxcollege.ca for details.



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