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Be Aware of Crystals

More and more Feng Shui practitioners, especially those so-called contemporary Feng Shui practitioners, use crystal decors as Feng Shui tools. One of the reasons is that they are not genuine Feng Shui practitioners; another main reason is that they sell those crystals for profits.

One of the main Feng Shui theories that every master uses is the Five Element Theory – We have to balance the Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water. Most of the Feng Shui tools are used to balance (boost) the elements.

For every object, we can tell its nature (belongs to which one of the 5 elements) by its material, colour and shape. A metallic statue, of course, belongs to Metal. If its shape is a square, then it also represents Earth (see the table below). If its colour is yellow, it has the Earth nature.

  Material Colour Shape
Wood Trees & Plants Green Long Rectangle
Fire Fire, Light, Petroleum Products Red Triangle
Earth Soil, Dirt & Ceramic Products Yellow Square
Metal Metal and Metallic Compounds White Round & Sphere
Water Water Black Wavy

Most of the crystals that those Feng Shui practitioners sell are spheres. The shape (sphere) represents Metal. Most of the materials (chemical composition) of the crystals are metallic compounds and their colour varies. Therefore, most of the crystals are either Metal or Earth in nature.

Before putting a crystal in your room, you have to make sure the nature of the crystal fits the requirement of the Element you need.  Putting an incorrect crystal may bring you bad luck and/or bad health. 

Note: Artificial crystals, such as Swarovski, are made of metallic compounds and contain lead; or they are coated with metallic chemical coatings.  Therefore, in 5 Elements theory, they are all Metal in nature.



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